Diana has shown herself to be a valuable asset to the Legal team through her initiative and resourcefulness. 

Diana is a motivated and knowledgeable case worker in our legal department. As a child, she migrated to London from Lithuania and grew up in a very culturally diverse home. For as long as she can remember, Diana has had an interest in law and justice. She found comfort knowing that with her knowledge of the field, she could help people resolve their issues.

Her passion for law drives her daily work and studies. She is an innovator and is passionate about developing new ways to make justice more accessible to everyone. Her attention to detail allows her to ensure that cases are solved according to legal regulations and procedures, while her politeness helps her manage delicate client relationships.

In addition to law, Diana has a special interest in anime, which gives her insight into diverse cultures and stories around the world. With these diverse interests and knowledge in law, she seeks out innovative solutions that challenge the status quo of traditional justice systems.

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