A litigant in person is an individual, company or organisation who makes or defends a claim without legal representation

from a solicitor or barrister. It is often the case that the individual cannot afford a legal representation, following Legal Aid cuts.

There has, in the past, that in some cases been some leniency for litigants in person’s (LiP’s) as they were not legally trained and would not be expected to know the law. However, the recent fundamental changes came from cases of Barton v Wright Hassall and Reynard v Fox. Both of these cases have shown that LiP cannot be given “special dispensation” when interpreting the court rules and cannot expect “the law to bend to suit their circumstances”.

The Supreme Court held that:

‘Unless the rules and practice directions are particularly inaccessible or obscure, it is reasonable to expect a litigant in person to familiarise himself with the rules which apply to any step he is about to take.’

In other words, if someone is acting as a litigant in person, they should get to know the procedures of what they are doing.

In practice, what we see occur is that LiPs trying to litigate themselves will sometimes (intentionally or otherwise) make matters worse which could have been avoided. We offer professional court case management service for your legal matter. We can ensure, that your legal representation would meet the Court’s rules and legal standards.