Case Study

Below is a list of notable or very complex cases that I worked with. 


Mrs M.S. v Mr D.S. (2018) – Occupation Order.

Mrs M.S. petitioned for the divorce. Mr D.S peacefully evicted her from the family home. She applied for Occupation Order until financial proceedings will conclude. We represented Mr D.S. in Occupation Order proceedings only (Mr D.S in divorce and financials proceedings acted as a Litigant in Person). The Occupation Order were not granted, and Mrs M.S. was not allowed to return to the property, and become liable for the costs of Mr D.S.


LBBD v Mr A.B. (2018) – Enforcement Notice – Magistrate Court.

Mr A. B. installed 2nd kitchen on first floor, and a shower and toilet facilities on each floor in the single 3 storey dwelling, however the layout of the property contributes to the subdivision of the property horizontally. Local Planning Authority issued an Enforcement notice requiring that the 2nd kitchen would be dismantled. LPA accused that Mr A.B. unlawfully rented the house as 3 separated units, and sough a confiscation order on the potential rent proceeds.   The Magistrates decided that there is no case to answer and the costs were granted against LPA.


Mr L.J. v Miss P.C. (2019) – Child Abduction (High Court, Publicly Funded).

Case started as a Child Arrangement proceeding. Mr L.J. (Father) would not allow Miss P.C. (Mother) to see their minor child. Social Services supported F. When M finally was able to see her child unsupervised, she decided not to return the child to F custody. F applied to Prohibited steps Order. During the proceedings M managed to remove child form the UK to her home country (EU).  HC Judge issued summary return order, however by working closely with the Counsel, we managed to dismiss summary return order, and transfer the whole proceedings to M’s home country. The F decided not to continue with the Child Arrangement proceedings.


LBBD v Miss M.J, Mr. M.S. & child  (2020) – Care Proceedings.

I acted for the Mother. The Father is on a list of sexual offenders against the child for life. He also had multiple minor criminal convictions, mostly of violent nature. When M become pregnant from F, the LA started Care Proceeding for an unborn, but due in a few weeks child. The outcome of the case:  Family were reunited under 12 months supervision order.


LBWF v Mrs K.D, Mr. G.D. & children (2021) – 2nd Care Proceedings.

I acted for the Mother. Mother was accused to consume the alcohol to the excess, and Father to be violent against her. This was a second care proceedings where we represent the Mother. 1st proceeding’s outcome was 12 m. Supervision Order. During the Supervision Order, the M, slipped out and attempted to fly to her home country with the children when she was stopped by the Police at Stansted Airport. Immediately the children were placed in foster care, and LA brought the second proceedings. The outcome of the case: Children are returned to family custody with 12 m. Supervision Order.


AS (Ltd) v Mrs R.S. (2021)  – Employment, unfair dismissal

Case have not reached the Tribunal, as I have managed to reach the satisfactory settlement agreement, very close to the potential statutory award that was possible in the circumstances of the case.


Mrs D.P. v LBN (2021) – Community Care.

My client was kept in the Bed & Breakfast facilities for 10 years, 7 of which she was not being able to move due to become paralysed. She seeks help on multiple occasions, including via solicitors. I took the case in June 2021 and in October 2021 she was moved to the suitable accommodation.


CCC v Ms R.K., Mr L.B. & children (2022) – Care proceeding

I acted for the Mother. Mother was accused to consume the alcohol to the excess, and Father to be violent against her. Local Authority failed to support my client and Judge made no order. Children returned to Child in Need plan instead.  


Mrs H.H. v Mr R.H (2023) - Financial relief after divorce. 

I acted for ex-husband. The case involved conduct issues on both sides. The matrimonial home was in the ex-wife's sole name. The case resulted in a settlement constituting a 50/50 division of the assets.


Mr S.A v Mrs O.K.  and Mr A.K (2023) - Boundary dispute

I acted for the defendants. The claimant accused my clients that they do encroach on his side of the land and erected a 2-metre fence unlawfully. Due to very precise and collaborative work between me, the clients, and the barrister, the claimant's application was dismissed.

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